Smart investments that support our existing businesses and attract new and innovative companies and jobs to New Hampshire are essential to growing our economy and creating job opportunities for our workers. I believe that state government should be a partner with the business community to grow our economy and create these good paying jobs in every part of our state – from the southern tier to the North Country. This means that existing businesses, especially small companies and new innovative businesses should have ready access to lines of credit, business investment opportunities, and tax incentives for creating new jobs.

Our workforce must have the training and skills necessary to compete in an increasingly globalized economy. I will only support policies that foster a vibrant and diverse business climate and economy. I will not support measures that attack public and private sector workers’ rights to fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions.


Education is a fundamental building block to prepare our children for participation in society and the responsibilities of living in a democracy. I believe that the state has the constitutional responsibility to provide an equal public education opportunity for every child regardless of where they live or what school they attend. I support the creation and expansion of alternative school choices (charter schools), but I am strongly opposed to diverting property taxpayer money to private schools at the expense of public education.

I will support policies that ensure excellence in primary and secondary education for all New Hampshire students, including eliminating the achievement gap, enforcement of anti-bullying policies and laws, and education programs that are not driven by partisan ideology. I believe that every student who wants a college education should have that opportunity, and I will work to ensure that all graduating students have affordable access to New Hampshire’s university system, community colleges, and technical colleges.


All New Hampshire citizens should have access to affordable, comprehensive health care that supports wellness and reduces the burden of disease. I support a health care policy that builds on the national health reform law to expand access, ends insurance company coverage discrimination and controls health care costs in New Hampshire. I believe that Medicare, Medicaid and other publicly-funded health and wellness programs are critical to reducing health disparities across the State. No family should be forced into bankruptcy by a health crisis. I support a public health infrastructure to promote the health and safety of our population, coordinated health care that promotes physical and mental well-being and freedom from government interference in private medical and family decisions. Most importantly, I will not compromise on giving women in consultation with their physicians control of their own reproductive health care without government interference.


Protecting the Great Bay has been a high priority since I first entered the legislature in 1990 and it will always be an issue close to home, literally. In order to protect the quality of our lives, the value of our homes, and the future of our area, we need to defend the Great Bay and keep it healthy and vibrant. We also need to create a reasonable and comprehensive statewide clean water policy as the state’s population continues to grow. Perhaps most importantly, we need to keep expand economic incentives to drive sustainable energy use in New Hampshire with programs like renewable energy tax incentives for home owners and New Hampshire’s membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

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